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Hosting an Open House for an Agent 

Please take time to read through this email and all attachments thoroughly. 


EXAMPLE of how to communicate with the agent allowing you to hold the Open House


You - "I truly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to hold an open house for you.  Before arriving on (date and time) I wanted to clarify a few things with you."


What time should I arrive at the property?

Will you be providing open house signs and/or balloons?  If so, do I need to place those out before the open house?  Do you want the signs in specific areas?

Will foods and/or drinks be provided at the open house?  If so, who will be delivering those items?

Do you have a sign in form that you would like me to have everyone fill out?

Will you be offering any drawings?  If so, what are those details?

Do I need to collect the open house signs and balloons prior to leaving?

 If an unrepresented buyer/seller comes to the open house, how will that lead be handled?  100% to me or split with you?  Please clarify for buyer and for seller.

Ask the agent to send you a copy of the Seller Property Disclosure and the Community     Association Disclosure prior to the open house.  Print these out and take a copy with you. 




Sorry for all of the questions, I just want to do a thorough job for you and make sure that we are on the same page!

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