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So What is Lead Generation 

Okay, so not sure where to start?  Not sure what lead generation is and how to do it?

Let's look at the basics of getting started.  Have you done the following yet for your business


There is no magic recipe to Lead Generation and growing your business.  You MUST do the activities every single day.   You must pick up the phone and call people.  You must go to meet new people, you must write notes and you must add to your Database every day. 

CE classes, Post license classes and training classes should always come 2nd to Lead Generation.   If there is no business, there is no need for the other skills. 


1 - Send announcements out to everyone you know that you are now in real estate.

 Handwritten cards with business cards in it will work great.  Mail these out ASAP if you haven't already. "Hey John Doe - just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am now a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners.  I am here to serve you with any needs you might have in buying, selling or investing in real estate.  Please keep me in mind!"  - just something simple and to the point.  Add two business cards. 


2 - Add those people to Command and tag them accordingly.   Record the activity that you did with them and put a reminder/task to reach back out to them at a certain date.  Have you watched the Command videos of how to do this? 


3 - Have you posted to social media?  Have you created a Facebook business page and sent invites out to all contacts.  This is just another touch to keep your name top of mind.  You should be posting and interacting with Facebook friends on a regular basis.   Personal and some business mixed in with the posts.  Facebook updates these algorithms can always google articles that will give you tips for the latest ways to post.   If you are not active on Social Media, you will need to learn to be active.  This is where the clients are and they will want to find you in the social media world too. 


4 - Have you made a list of everyone that you do business with/spend money with on a regular basis?  Make this list and then send them announcements that you are now in real estate and that would like to work with them on mutual referrals back and forth. 


5 - Get another mailer ready for two weeks after the first mailer to Sphere of Influence - this will be sent out to all of the contacts mentioned will be another touch asking for them to remember you in real estate.  You should send these once per month every month.


6 - Use the attached Daily 10/5 and check off each activity that you complete each and every day.  Be honest with yourself about what activities you are actually completing each day.  Keep a copy of these month after month so that you can see your improvements and your gaps. 


7 - Asking to host Open Houses every week on our office Facebook page.   You should be holding at least two open houses per week.  Please read and reread the Open House email that I sent out in order to prepare properly.  


I will be glad to review any notes or marketing materials that  you would like before you send it out.

Remember - you must have the Broker Full Name, Address and Broker Phone number on ALL marketing materials.  

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